Oct 22: New Game: Bastion.    Get It Now!!!

Games include: Klondike,Yukon, FreeCell, ForeCell, Pyramid, Great Pyramid, Spider, Clock, Canfield, Duke, Castle, Eclipse, 40 Thieves, Sea Towers, Golf, Easthaven, Double Easthaven, Trombone, Accordian, Monte Carlo, Jail, Tower of Hanoi, Napolean, Raw Prawn, Master of Klondike, Osmosis, Pearl and more...

Ultra Solitaire is the web's premium Solitaire collection. Focusing on high-quality features, art and games, Ultra Solitaire is a completely expandable solitaire suite. With features like advanced statistic tracking, multiple user profiles, unlimited Undo/Redo, savegames, custom backgrounds, custom cards, and the ability to create, modify or download custom games for free, Ultra Solitaire is the ultimate program for both the casual player, and the die-hard fan.

Copyright 2003

Ordering Ultra Solitaire is simple and quick. All credit-card transactions are done through a secure encrypted server. You will be able to download your copy and start playing in just minutes, or have it shipped to your door on CD.

Windows 98/ME/XP

Ultra Solitaire comes with 35 classic and original games. all your favourites are here - Klondike, Spider, FreeCell, Pyramid, Clock, and many more. New games and art are available for download every day. Ultra Solitaire is always new.

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The Ultra Solitaire Demo Version is completely free. It allows you to play 10 different solitaire games online on www.solitairemania.com (FreeCell, Klondike, Pyramid and more of your favourites.... ) as much as you like without being nagged to buy anything. Should you decide to purchase the full version, you will get unlimited games, Statistic Tracking, QuickSaving and QuickLoading, new art and games almost every day, and the ability to create your own games and submit them to the Custom Archive.
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Oct 24: New Game: Master of Klondike.                                                     Get It Now!!!
Oct 25: New Game: Pearl.       Get It Now!!!
Nov 2: We apologize for the lack of new content. We are hard at work on the next version of Ultra Solitaire. Please stay tuned...