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Use your head and your luck to filter 51 cards into 4 piles.

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Welcome to the custom content section. Here you can download all sorts of custom files to add to your copy of Ultra Solitaire. These files are all made by, or by players themselves. Simply save the file to the appropriate folder in your Ultra Solitaire directory (ie. Backgrounds in the 'Backgrounds' folder, Card-Sets in 'Decks' etc.). Click on a thumbnail to download the file. Demo users will not be able to run custom games.



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Oct 6th

Raw Prawn

Oct 7th


Oct 8th

Use the strategies of FreeCell, Spider, and Klondike to win in this castle type game. 

Raw Prawn is an addicting Klondike type puzzler.

Oct 18th

Twice the thinking and twice the cards of Klondike.

NEW GAME - Double Klondike

Oct 22nd

This addicting Castle game will have you coming back for more.

NEW GAME - Bastion

Oct 24th

Consider Master of Klondike an upgrade to your standard Klondike.

NEW GAME - Master of Klondike

Oct 25th

Pearl is a combination of Monte Carlo and pyramid - its fun.