Ultra Solitaire is loaded with features designed to enhance your playing experience. From Stat Graphs, to Savegames, to AutoPlay, it's all here. Whether you are a casual or hardcore player, you will love all of the features that Ultra Solitaire has to offer. It's all about quality.

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AutoPlay allows you to move a card to any available spot just by right-clicking it. AutoPlay can make a game flow faster by cutting down on card-stacking time, but you don't have to use it if you don't want to.

Downloadable  Content

Get your moneys worth. Most games ship with a fixed number of games. Once you buy the program, you get no more games. Ultra ships with a starter set of both classic and original games, and a set of backgrounds, cards, and card-backs. Every day, new content, including games, is offered for free in the custom section of this site. Ultra Solitaire can be personalized to no ends.  
Late for work? Is your plane landing? Boss coming? Hit the QuickSave button and your game will automatically be saved. To load the same game again when you're ready, just hit the QuickLoad button. Conventional loading is also offered, so you can save and replay your most glorious wins, saving them by name anywhere on your computer.

QuickSave / QuickLoad

Animated Cards

Ultra Solitaire sports animated card movement. Drop a card somewhere it doesn't belong, and watch it zoom back to where it came from, smoothly sailing over the game and coming to rest in it's destination. The animation speed can be changed, or animation can be turned off altogether.

Statistic Tracking

This is one of the coolest features ofUltra Solitaire. The built-in StatTracker tracks all of your important statistics, such as Wins, Losses, Points, Game Time, Undos and Redos. All of these stats are tracked for every single game in your collection and they are displayed in colorful, informative graphs. You'll like being able to see yourself get better (or worse) at certain games.

Multiple User Profiles

Multiple User Profiles allow you to keep your statistics and settings (Animation speed, Background, Deck, etc...) seperate from friends, family and co-workers. The Multiple Users feature also allows you to compete with them and gloat when you win.

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Undo / Redo

Ultra Solitaire offers unlimited Undo and Redo capabilities. If you make a mistake, just hit the Undo button and it's gone. You can Undo any move at any time, all the way back to the beginning of the game.

Game Editing Mode

The Game Editing Mode, or GEM, is an advanced feature. It allows you to modify or create games using a simple scripting language. Just about any game can be made using the GEM. All of the games that we made to ship with Ultra Solitaire, and all of the custom ones on this site were created using the GEM. It's very powerful.
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